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Most users of the Internet, both classic and dark, imagine using the store only from the point of view of the buyer. In other words, we are all used to the fact that you can buy this or that product in the Kraken store, but we forget that there is another side - the side of the seller. If you have a desire, then you can open your own shop on Kraken Onion and sell your services or products. This is a very profitable business, otherwise there would not be so many stores.

And so, if you decide to open your shop on Kraken onion, then first you need a separate account. Even if you have already registered as a buyer, you need to create a new account specifically for the store. To open a store, you need to go to your personal account, open a dispute with a request for an application for opening a store in the message, indicating the desired name. Do not forget to check that there is no such name yet, otherwise they will not give you the go-ahead.
After the application for Kraken is considered, you will be opened a store and will be given the opportunity to issue it as you wish and publish your products or services. Each open store is assigned its own specialist who will help if there are questions or if there are difficulties with the buyer. No personal data is required to register the store, no one will ask you for your passport or TIN, as you understand anonymity above all else.